Why we love women

I tried at some point to elucidate a dilemma, probably of every personal coach, namely who is more difficult to train, men or women?

I will begin by telling you that we have balancing pluses and minuses and, after we have drawn the line, I have deliberated: it is harder to work with the girls! Sure, there will be voices asking me for explanations, and I will be ready to give them.

Let’s take for example a male beginner who has never had contact with the “beast world”. If he is overweight, he will surely show you the balloon under his shirt and without any pretensions he will tell you he does not necessarily have the squares, but he would want the abdomen to be somewhat flatter and if possible put some muscle mass on arms and chest. He understands quite quickly  alpha xr that a proper training program involves engaging all the muscle groups, bracing the biceps, shaping only the shape when cardio is done, skillfully avoiding the training of the legs, although not losing the opportunity to amuse their own gambles with expressions like “mother, what a fuck I do not have!” He is usually quite focused on training and rarely engages in endless discussions with others. He usually leaves the phone in the locker room and does not go to the bathroom during the training once. He speaks with pleasure and pride about the fever he has on his pectorals, and he always knows with what weight he last pushed his chest.Girls, ah, girls … are a little different … They enter the room about half an hour in the locker room and then make a quick inventory of everyone present … keep the phone almost, maybe too close, ready to respond anytime, no matter what the exercise in which they are engaged. Once a girl made flexes with dumbbell dumbbells and called the phone: he answered with his right hand, and with his left he continued to flex. Then I felt sorry I did not take a picture of him.

Usually girls want more from their own body … Anyway, more than boys who have reasonable and achievable claims. Girls sometimes want issues that are not the responsibility of a personal coach, but rather elite surgeons. There are few who want their ass to rise: “Get up?” I ask. “Where to get up, it looks pretty upstairs,” I say. Then she grabs her hands with her hands and, with a long exercise, pushes the buttocks up into the back. “Do you want to get up there? Well, I do not think he’ll ever get there, “I say. “This matter, my dear, should have been negotiated ever since we pulled ourselves out of the monkey … now it’s too late!” She hardly gives up the idea that she can not have a bunch of dorsal, and her handsome little hands slid over her hips he starts with eternity and, honestly, asks: “But how do I get rid of it?” “Running and eating,” I say. The next question I know and, predictably, comes: “And, how long do I get rid of the fins? (so they’re called hips … wings !?) “. “It’s up to you,” I say. The answer, clearly, is dissatisfied,”To know that I do not want to make my muscles, I want to stay feminine, I do not want to grow like you are,” and biceps my finger. “Do not worry,” I say, “nothing will increase you”. She continues: “Actually I want to work only for bottom and fins, can it?” “Not too!” I answer.

Once a girl who could not walk because of the fever she had in her thighs and femorals, she walked into the hall, hesitantly walking, and said, “I’m getting upright today, okay? That I go to a wedding in two weeks and I want to look good in the dress! ”

Another time, I receive a picture of Natalia Melo from a student of mine, followed by a cruel question: “Do you think in two months you can make me look like her?” I told her that if she left God on vacation and leave me in his place, I can!

Otherwise, the girls know how to count much better than the boys, and they managed to make 20 repetitions counting up to 20. I saw many boys who counted up to 20 and raised the bar only 12 times. All the girls manage to train the whole upper train in 30 minutes because they have to get to a girl’s day.

There is a spirit of constructive competition in boys, each wanting to lift more than the other, to have bigger muscles without counting if the shirt matches the shorts, and the girls can run on the tape with purple gloves in their hands because they are still purple sneakers and a nail, sorry, I forgot.

With boys some situations are resolved quickly and with only a few words: “I decided to do 20 repetitions and 20 remain,” I say! He returns and starts to work while she says, “Come on, Daniel, and 20? What number is that? If you still want to do 20, you give me less weight and pause after doing 10 reps, okay? “” It’s good, “I say,” if it is not possible. “

Muscle specific hypertrophy: biceps, back and lumbar

In the first part of the series we discussed the formation of muscle fibers and biomechanics of the chest, triceps and shoulders. Now we’ll cover the rest of the big muscle groups.

Biceps and brahioradial muscles
Biceps, having the long (outer) and short (inner) head, may seem simple muscles with a direct biomechanics, but are actually tri-articular muscles that cross the elbow, forearm and shoulder.

The short head of the biceps is a shoulder flexor, and a weak one, which means it can not flex both elbow and shoulder at the same time, so when you train your biceps with your elbows in front of your shoulders, you only train your long head .

To a lesser extent, the same applies to exercises involving shoulder abduction. So if next time you flex biceps at parallel pulleys as if you were looking for double biceps, you’re more likely to train more than your muscles!

Another way to recruit a head to the detriment of the other is by manipulating the position of the hand towards the elbow. A wide socket emphasizes the short head, while a narrow socket emphasizes the long one . A shoulder socket still favors the long head to the short.

But to notice that you alpha titan testo have to be quite advanced. Most should stay on exercises that involve keeping the elbows close to the body.

To emphasize the brachials towards the biceps make slow contractions with biceps in a disadvantageous position (flexed shoulders). This muscle has more slow-response fibers than biceps.

Another thing to keep in mind when biceps is being recruited is the position of the hands. The biceps are very effective with the socket (palms up), less efficient with neutral hands (palms to each other) and palms down (pronation) .

Why are some easier exercises with a neutral socket? Because Brahioradial is the most effective in this position.

Regarding repetitions, even if biceps is dominated by fast rapping muscle fibers, dominated by only 5%, so it uses a small number of repetitions . Brahioradial is made up of more fast-response muscle fibers (60%), so weigh heavy weight atthose hammers .

The forearm is made up of so many small muscle groups with different muscle and biomechanical fiber compositions that the whole story goes far beyond the scope of this article. It is enough to say that elbow extension and flexion falls on the forearms.

According to their intense use, the forearms are largely made up of slow muscle fibers, so a large number of repetitions are used . Includes more flexions of the wrist than extensions.

The back
The back acts mainly as a shoulder strap, pulling the elbows in the side, and shoulder extension (the movement opposite a lift in front). The shoulder extension is made mainly by the muscle fibers at the top and the adduction of the muscular fibers at the bottom. For maximum development, both movements are needed.

Many skip adduction, being heavy and traction to traction with reverse plug , and devzoltarea limiting the width of the back.

Like on the chest, the shoulder rotation changes the biomechanics of the back . For shoulder additions, the back is especially strong when the shoulders are slightly rotated outward. For the shoulder extension the back is stronger when the shoulders are in a neutral position. If you hold your hands high in the side, rotate your shoulders by pointing thumb internal to external floor and rotate them by pointing the thumb at the ceiling.

If you use a rope rings or handles which rotate you should naturally rotate your shoulder in an optimal position to most of the shooting exercises. If not, you should use a handle that puts your shoulders in the correct position. For example, during straight-arm extensions, you should use an easy handle in V instead of a right bar to fully activate your back.

The back has an equal muscle fiber structure, so I respond best to the average number of repetitions .

The upper trapeze is visible in the mirror, but the lower and middle trebles are not, so only the upper one has some attention. Even in those who train their backs with trace, the trapezium tends to stay behind.

Trapeze traction is simple. He nurses, retracts and raises his shoulder blades against a resistance. The trapezium is a postural muscle so it dominates the muscle fibers with a slow response, so it needs high volume . And that we are in this area, if you train your throat, it’s formed 65% of fast-acting muscle fibers.

Fesers, femoral and lumbar
These muscles form the mid-bottom of the back chain and have a huge force potential. Working together during extension when stabilizing the spinal erector spine, hips and butt femuralii move. Besides expanding the column, the spinal erector flexes laterally and rotates the column.

Femorals extend the hips but are also involved in flexion of the knee. This dual femoral function has a great impact on how you train your buttocks, femorals and calves.

If femorals try to stretch from the hip or knee, go into passive failure. If he tries to flex his hip and knee gets into active failure. Practically, the femoral can not perform both functions at once.

That means the the exercises that extend the hips and straightening with more knee flexion as even femuralii are less active and put more emphasis on the buttocks . If you do only semi-bended knee exercises without leg flexion, do not train your femorals completely.

As fusions and femorals flex the hips, you can be tempted to train them at the same time. It’s not good at all, with different muscle fibers. Fesers are dominated by slow-acting muscle fibers, but femorals have over 70% fast-response muscle fibers . Lumbars are dominated by slow-acting muscle fibers.

This means that any over 8 repetitions on the femoral is a time peter , but in fesieri and lumbar you have to use a number of medium repetitions to the sea.

natural growth hormone

The lumbar muscular muscle keeps you all day so it is 90% of slow-acting muscle fibers, so do not bother doing less than 15 repetitions for it. The other muscles of the gastropod, the gastrocnemian, is the one dominated by fast-response fibers, but this compared to the solear. So for the gastrocnemian he uses average reps as a number.

Quadriceps is composed of 3 muscles: vastus lateralis, rectus femoris and vastus medialis oblique. They all extend the knee, but rectus femoris flexes and balances so when they try to make both go into active failure. To see this, raise the knee as high as possible and then try to extend the knee to the front. Hard, huh? There is an active insufficiency of rectus femoris.

In terms of quadriceps, the muscles of which it is formed vary a lot. Vastus medialis oblique is dominated by rapamycin muscle fibers (57%) and rectus femoris is 65% fast response muscle fibers. To have big legs, it is recommended to do few repetitions, multiple sets and varied exercises .

Medium area
Rectus abdominis, or “squares,” flexes the backbone. The oblique assists them and rotates the trunk. Together with the abdominal transversal it creates intra-abdominal pressure. Transversality Oblicii and abdominal exercises are driven by preucm heavy squats or straightening . Rectus abdominis may remain unstretched unless directed directly.

It is said that the anterior part of the median area has limited potential for growth, although it is made up of fast-acting muscle fibers. There is also debate and whether the flexion of the spine is healthy and if it is aesthetic to have too much abdominal muscle.

So the best beginners should make the plank , wheel and abdomen rolls in decline to strengthen the front.

After this phase the compound, heavy, exercises should be sufficient, such as vertical presses or barfeed with the front bar .

Mass gain: when to take protein?

Everyone is well aware that proteins are absolutely necessary for good muscle development . On the other hand, few athletes know exactly when and how to consume them to get the maximum benefit .

So, for my proteins, what is the program?
You have to learn how to adapt your diet and your protein intake with the intensity of your bodybuilding training . Depending on your objectives, you can spread this decision in two stages. Before and / or after the training .

Why consume protein before training?
A man wishing to fully stimulate the muscle contraction while strongly limiting the destruction of keto plus premier the muscle while the latter is massively solicited, must take his protein ration before starting . This is the case when one prepares one’s body for a powerful effort ( boxing , exercises with the weight of the body, etc …)

Why consume protein after my session?
Whether you like it or not, a mass session will destroy some of your muscle mass . The absorption of proteins at the end of the session makes it possible to act at this level and to boost muscle reconstruction. This will be felt on your recovery ability too , very logically.

Where can I find my protein?
In your food first and foremost . For example, always plan an organic banana as a snack but above all, you will get everything you need in the protein sold especially for sports in shops, gym or internet.

So concentrate your protein intake just before or just after your weight training session for optimal results!

How much should I expect?
Here, you are not going to work as usual by asking yourself about the calorie count before the relevance of the protein intake. Whether you work the lower body (legs, glutes, abs) or the upper (pectoral, back and arms), you need 1.5g of protein per kilogram (of your current weight) and per day .

Why do I have to take care of my protein intake?
Before reviewing all your diet, it is necessary to revise the basics with regard to proteins.

Why do they play a vital role in your dry process ? They come to feed your muscle mass which is itself made of tight fibers and related to each other. Proteins feed these fibers in depth to optimize their movements: contractions, relaxation, development .

Pretraining complexes – adaptogens

By ak generally to a desire to exercise, most athletes do not need to take specialized centers, they are already charged with energy. However, all this desire disappears at the end of a hard working day. Our body simply does not want to strain even more. And sometimes the desire disappears right in the gym. In such situations, a pre-training complex will be a rational solution.

Why take pre-workout complexes?

We all know how important the emotional mood is, because it often happens that in a hard workout it’s trite to fail. In general, we need a way to catch that courage, and to suppress all sorts of thoughts and phobias in front of heavy working weights.

At the moment, the industry of sports nutrition can offer us a huge number of various complexes and power engineers. We should only figure out which of them will be truly “workers”. Special attention deserve adaptogens.


One of the key roles is played by the so-called adaptogens – a group of plants that are widely used both in medicine and in sports. Their main goal is a temporary increase in performance. The main representatives of such plants are ginseng, lemongrass, spiny eleutherococcus, safflower-like leaves, etc.

An important criterion by which the plant is included in the group of adaptogens, is the stimulation supreme 500 male enhancement of the organism to adapt, in our case – to stress. In fact, such substances, once in our body, make it adapt to greater physical exertion. Their reception allows you to increase strength endurance and muscle strength.

How are adaptogens better than other substances, such as caffeine?

The fact is that long and regular intake of caffeine is considered harmful. There is still some truth in this. If over the years, daily use of caffeine supplements, the work of catecholamine’s own hormones will noticeably decrease. Adaptogens, in turn, on the contrary – do not cause negative consequences with long-term use. In fact, regular intake allows you to increase their natural level in the body. That is why adaptogens are actively used in the training of astronauts, at least it was in the USSR.

In fairness, it should be noted that caffeine and other substances that stimulate the production of catecholamines directly affect the central nervous system, while the similar effect in adaptogens is much weaker. That is why manufacturers of sports nutrition, in particular pre-training complexes often use this combination of components.


Adaptogens rather weakly stimulate the central nervous system, especially when compared with caffeine. However, they perfectly adapt the body to a high rate of work. If you want to train at an incredibly positive pace, then you should use pre-training complexes containing both adaptogens and catecholamines in the face of caffeine. However, it should be remembered that they should not be taken more than four times a week, otherwise you will get acquainted with the so-called “rollbacks” of the central nervous system, in which you will experience bad mood and lack of any motivation on non-training days.

How to increase the level of testosterone in the blood

B ost athletes are given the matter, but only a few find the correct answer. Many believe that the increase in testosterone is associated purely with doping and other prohibited drugs. No matter how wrong! In fact, there are a huge number of natural ways to increase the number of the main male body. We will tell you about the seven most effective.

1. More Calories – More Testosterone

For many years, bodybuilders have proven the importance of a high-calorie diet. Of course, in the absence of certain macronutrients, a set of muscle mass becomes impossible. It would seem that the cause of all the lack of protein or carbohydrates. No matter how wrong! In fact, low calorie daily diet leads to suppression of testosterone secretion, and he, as you know, plays a key role in the life of every man. This hormone does not just grow muscles, but it also participates in many other vital processes.

It is known that a sharp reduction in food (calorie) reduces the secretion of the male hormone by about 50-55%. If we consider as an example an athlete weighing 75kg, then first of all, one should single out the minimum number of necessary calories. Surely you know about the various formulas with the help of which the energy consumption is calculated at rest and during intensive training. In the first case, the number of calories consumed per hour will be equal to your weight in kilograms. In order to calculate the waste of energy during exercise, this figure must be multiplied by 7. The answer will also show the energy consumption in one hour.

If our athlete weighs 75kg, then consequently, on the day where the training does not exceed one hour, he needs (75 * 24) + (75 * 7) = 1800 calories. All of this suggests that an athlete needs 1800 calories to maintain vital activity. However, this figure is far from perfect, since testosterone is practically not released. As it became known, for a stable synthesis of male hormone, you will have to increase the number of calories to 36 kcal per kilogram of body weight. In our case it is (75 * 36) = 2700. As you can see, the final numbers are very different from each other. Of course, the first result is not acceptable. That is why many athletes, following the standard methods of nutrition, can not gain muscle mass. They simply do not have enough calories.

We, in turn, recommend adding another 200-300 calories to the final result so that the body does not suffer from energy deficit. That is, in our case, the athlete needs to take 3000 kcal per day. Of course, this is the day of the training. During the rest of the above number you need to take an hour of training (7 * body weight). In general, the transition to a high-calorie diet will allow you to synthesize testosterone without fail, which will positively affect both the volume of your muscles and the power characteristics.

2. More Fat – More Testosterone

Immediately I would like to note that fat is different with fat, i.e. should not fanatically pounce on fatty hamburgers or margarine pastries. The whole paradox is that fats are positioned much higher than fiber. Recall, Dr. Atkinson and his followers argue that without fiber, no organism can grow. Well, for fat, the main enemy is fat, which is why they are closely avoided. By the way, precisely because of this fact, there is a massive propaganda of the dangers of fats, although in fact not all fatty acids are harmful to humans.

Of course, the muscles can not grow with a lack of a macronutrient, but we are talking about the production of testosterone, which as it turned out is directly dependent on the amount of fat in the diet. There is no mystery here. Any experienced bodybuilder knows that the fats and cholesterol are just the raw materials for producing the male hormone. Speaking solely about numbers, the increase in a small amount of fat leads to an increase in testosterone synthesis by 15-20%.

There is a stereotype according to which cholesterol is a sworn enemy of a person, in particular – for bodybuilders. In fact, as mentioned above, it is from it that the main muscle-building hormone is produced. The most paradoxical thing is that the sports world avoids eating yolks from chicken eggs, although they have a good spectrum of saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Salmon, red one beast test fish, nuts and linseed oil have the most beneficial fat. We have before us omega-3 acids, which help not only in gaining muscle mass, but also in burning “brown” fat that is deposited on our sides, chest and other problem areas. In general, the body constantly uses such fats, especially when performing various physical exercises.

Let’s go back to the fiber. It is no secret that fats inhibit the action of fiber, as they are easily absorbed into vegetable fibers. At the same time, we found that the body can not do without the normal amount of fiber in the diet. Yield: consume a lot of fat and fiber.

3. More Carbohydrates – More Testosterone

Do you know why even a well-formulated low-carb diet causes athletes to lose their muscles? No, it’s not about the energy deficit. At least this is not the main reason. In fact, the cause of all the ketones is a by-product of the energy exchange of fats. When the body lacks glycogen, it begins to burn fat. This property is used by bodybuilders. However, there is a fly in the ointment. Fat, in fact, is not able to compensate for the critical energy deficit, even taking into account the fact that each molecule carries a huge 9 kcal. As a result, the body has to use by-products left over from the use of fats – ketones.

Unfortunately, ketones in their structure are very toxic substances, which is why the internal organs are trying to remove them as soon as possible, using the kidneys. However, the lack of energy makes him use these substances for the second time, as a result of which they literally fill the kidneys, and this leads to a blockage of the synthesis of luteating hormone, which is responsible for the production of testosterone. Under normal conditions, it quietly performs the basic functions and bypasses the excretory system. However, in the situation with ketones, it is washed off with them, in the end, you lose about 20% of the total testosterone level in 10-14 days.

That is why we do not recommend low-carb diets, especially during long periods of time. Use a high-calorie diet. Even if your goal is to lose weight, use a large amount of energy and create a deficit out of it.

4. More Calcium – More Testosterone

Only 3-4 years ago it turned out that there is a strong link between the amount of calcium in the diet and the level of testosterone in the blood. As a rule, the current diet of the average athlete can not boast of the presence of calcium. Cottage cheese is used only in small quantities, like milk. Blame sports supplements. Most athletes prefer to drink a glass of protein shake at night, rather than eat 250 grams of low-fat cottage cheese. Nobody thinks about the final benefits. We must be aware that natural food in addition to protein gives us a huge amount of various trace elements such as calcium, magnesium or selenium.

Essentially, taking pharmaceutical or natural calcium will only increase testosterone synthesis by 5–8%. But in the struggle for muscle mass, even this figure can be decisive. The most rational use of 600-800 mg of calcium per day, breaking this amount into 2-3 doses. Calcium is full in the bones of canned fish and cottage cheese. In addition, you can purchase pharmacy options.

5. More amino acids – more testosterone.

It is no secret that overtraining is one of the most common bodybuilding problems. Many athletes train, not having time to restore the target muscle groups. As a result, the process of catabolism begins, and you lose more muscle than you gain. A variety of essential and conditionally essential amino acids come to the rescue. Such supplements allow muscles to recover quickly and, as a result, ignore overtraining. The most common are BCAAs. Unfortunately, no one goes into details. In fact, you only restore muscles, and nobody even thinks about the regeneration of the central nervous system and anabolic hormones. But if you think about it, overtraining threatens us not only with falling into a plateau, but also with various pathological complications. Against the background of all these processes, testosterone levels begin to decline markedly.

It would seem that you only need to give yourself a rest. No matter how wrong! Banal rest does not return to you the previous level of male hormone. In addition, you need large doses of complex amino acids, which at the very least can repair damage to various organs caused by excessive physical exertion. The most valuable are arginine and lysine. They need to be consumed in large quantities – at least 1500 mg per day. In addition, these actions spur the growth hormone synthesis.

Get complex amino acids and consume 15-20 grams during the workout and immediately after it. If you are not constrained in the means, then take them at bedtime and immediately after waking up. Many are afraid of such a large dosage. Look at one-time portions of protein drinks – 25-40g. Well, how are amino acids worse?

6. More base – more testosterone.

Every athlete knows that only basic exercises build muscle. However, despite this, most ignore this rule, firmly believing in innovative techniques and simulators. It is important to understand one simple fact: basic exercises make a huge number of muscles, including stabilizers, connect to work. This is an emergency for the body. As a result, he has to spend the entire stock of free testosterone to overcome the imposed load. Another heavy repetition spends testosterone and causes a kind of havoc in the body. Immediately after training, the level of the male hormone is obscenely low. That is why you often want to sleep and show a similar “relaxation.”

But in all this there is a huge positive side. On the same day – in a dream, your body begins to restore all the testosterone spent, and with a little compensation for the future, so that next time it will be easier for you. Try to train with purely basic exercises that completely eliminate various flexions for biceps or extensions for a triceps block. Only hardcore – only the base. After 2 weeks of this training, you will notice an increase in musculature. And biceps, triceps and other small muscles will not disappear anywhere. They will have to grow after their big brothers, which include chest, back, legs, press and shoulder girdle.

Instead of looking on the Internet for evidence of the above, try checking it out for yourself. Spending 2 weeks is not such a big payment for possible success. We assure you, after the expiration of the specified period, you will continue to follow this training scheme, and the reason for this is a surge in testosterone.

7. More Insulin – More Testosterone.

We all know that carbohydrates, once in the body, increase blood sugar levels. Some more, some less, but in general it is. To lower blood, the pancreas begins to release insulin. This hormone is responsible for various functions. In particular, it reduces the concentration of glucose in the blood and increases the permeability of various nutrients into muscle fiber cells. All this makes it a real anabolic, which in combination has an anti-catabolic effect, namely – is the enemy of cortisol. Surely you remember that when cortisol dominates in the body, the synthesis of testosterone practically stops.

It is logical to assume that stimulating insulin can help us maintain a stable synthesis of the male hormone. To do this, you need to eat proteins only with carbohydrates. An exception can only be a nightly meal, before bedtime. In all other meals, carbohydrates are a prerequisite, which will force the pancreas to release insulin regularly. As a result, your testosterone will be safe. In fact, insulin does not increase its level, but at the same time prevents it from going down.

Despite all the positive factors outlined above, the so-called downside is present. Excess insulin causes drowsiness, which causes inconvenience in our everyday life, whether it is studying or working. In addition, the use of fast (irregular) carbohydrates can aggravate your appearance, namely – you will acquire fat folds. That is why take the issue of carbohydrate selection very seriously. Use products made from coarse wheat varieties, i.e. – Low glycemic index. This also includes oatmeal, buckwheat and other cereals.

Strengthening methionine: benefits or danger?

To gain more strength and better develop their muscles, some athletes sometimes use dietary supplements. In particular, methionine is an incredible asset for muscle building.

The virtues of methionine for muscu
Methionine has many benefits for the body. Indeed, it helps to improve the health of the liver, thanks to its antioxidant effects. Its detoxifying role for the liver helps fight against the formation of fatty deposits around the liver and arteries.

It helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also helps to better synthesize the level of niwali keto collagen stored in the body, which is of great support for the immune system.

Methionine is highly consumed by athletes, especially for its incredible effects on muscle growth.

The dangers of methionine
Excess methionine has bad health disadvantages. Nausea, headache and even vomiting may follow. Also, it is strongly discouraged for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, cancer.

It can also increase the risk of liver failure or enzymatic disease. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor before taking methionine-based dietary supplements.

Well consume methionine in bodybuilding
Methionine can not be produced by the body, so it is incorporated through a daily intake. But in what foods is it found? Generally, methionine is present in sunflower seeds, soybeans, cereals, chicken, eggs, milk, fish, quinoa.

All you have to do is add these foods to your daily meals to get the right dose of methionine.

What is organic methionine?
Methionine is an amino acid that helps the body function properly. It can be consumed in different forms. It is present in several food sources and can also be found as a powder supplement.

Methionine is composed of a high dose of sulfur and helps the body to produce other molecules of sulfur. But if it is so popular, it is for its ability to produce protein in cells. Which makes it particularly interesting for bodybuilding.

Methionine can be very beneficial to the body, especially for those who practice bodybuilding. However, it has disadvantages that are not negligible. It is always better to consume it in its natural form.

However, if you prefer the supplements, be careful not to exceed the prescribed dosage.

How many calories in canistrellis?

In Corsica, the canistrellis are small sweets that we enjoy while admiring the landscape. These cakes are regional specialties that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. And for those who want to lose weight, it’s okay to wonder if it’s a good idea to eat it. To help you, here is everything you need to know about canistrellis during the diet.

Combien de calories dans les canistrellis ?

Canistrellis is caloric
With lemon, hazelnuts, chestnut and white wine, canistrellis remain sources of unconditional pleasure.

To lose weight you will still need to deprive you because a canistrellis equals 45 calories. In general, 100 grams of canistrellis provide 450 kcal. The composition of canistrellis also makes it a great source of fat and sugar. During a slimming diet, it is better to abstain from these cookies in favor of healthier snacks.

Canistrellis in the diet
One thing is certain, the canistrellis are not good for the line. An intake of 450 kcal per 100 grams equals the 1/4 caloric intake needed for a woman and 1/5 of what a man needs for his body to function normally.

If you really had to crack during your diet, try to limit yourself to one biscuit. This will be relatively inconsequential and you will have the satisfaction of taste. If you eat more than one cookie, it will not be so easy.

Make concessions by reducing portions in future meals or increasing the length of your workout. You can also make your own canistrellis to control calorie intake. Do not do too much not to tempt you.

Canistrellis recipe without gluten
150 g organic rice flour
50 g chestnut flour
100 g millet flour
50 g cornstarch
100 g sugar
2 g gluten-free baking powder
The zest of a lemon
10 cl olive oil
11 cl white wine
In a salad bowl, mix the dry ingredients before incorporating the oil and the white wine. Make a smooth and homogeneous ball. Let stand an hour. When the dough has rested, lower it to about 1 cm thick then detail with a punch or knife.

Bake for about 15 minutes at 180 ° C. this recipe can easily be made with thermomix.

Canistrellis are sweets that allow you to relax from time to time and not to feel demotivated during a slimming diet. However, be careful because these are very calorie cupcakes that can ruin your efforts of the week in minutes. So be careful not to consume too much or consume too often.

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Benefits and nutritional value of kombu seaweed

Benefits and nutritional value of kombu seaweed

The royal kombu, this small edible brown seaweed has not finished surprising you . Vegetable nutrition has redesigned the image of this category of food with often surprising nutritional value : algae. Today, let’s look at the case of Kombu seaweed.

Nutritional value of kombu seaweed
With just over 40 calories per 100 grams, you’re in the presence of an ingredient as light as it is healthy . 100 grams of kombu gives you 1.2 grams of fiber , 1.7 grams of protein , 9.6 grams of carbohydrates and 0.6 grams of fat .

His taste is discreet but specific. If you have trouble with this type of flavors, this is not a problem because you can easily find, in organic shop, seaweed in the form of capsules (which just follow the advice of use), powder ( again, a leaflet is provided to learn how to use it) or dried. There is something for everyone.

The virtues of kombu seaweed
Like many vegetables, kombu seaweed is rich in antioxidants and can fight very effectively against cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Rich in iron, kombu is very popular with vegans . Of course, you will only be able to access these beneficial properties as part of a balanced diet. Your efforts will be in vain if not. It has been said that the consumption of algae, because of a high concentration of iodine, could trigger thyroid problems. Rest assured, for this to be true, it would consume huge amounts.

Where can I find and how to consume kombu seaweed?
On the organic Breton market, kombu is not rare! He has also dug a small comfortable place on many stalls: biocoops, markets of the sea, internet … It is often eaten in salad or as an accompaniment to certain legumes . You can also try a more elaborate recipe like a seaweed risotto with shellfish.

125 grams of risotto
1/2 liter of vegetable broth
1 shallot
10 cl of white wine
1/2 liter of whole milk
1 teaspoon of white miso
80 grams of kombu
400 grams of various shells
1 – Cook the celery in the milk and miso before putting the whole in the blender
2 – Then go to the cooking of the shells (cooking that depends on the shells chosen) and reserve
3 – Put some oil in the pan and fry the shallot
4 – Add the rice and algae
5 – Prepare the vegetable broth at the same time and pour it on the rice until you cover all the ingredients
6 – Cook on low heat until completely absorbed Bouillon
7 – Deglaze with the white wine
8 – Mix the risotto with the cream of celery and milk
9 – Finally add your shells.

Kombo seaweed is a good ingredient for your body with which you can enjoy cooking!

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How many calories in stroopwafels?

Stroopwafel is a delicious pastry from the Netherlands. It takes about 450 kcal per 100 grams. Given the number of calories it contains, should we be deprived to keep the line? Focus on the nutritional benefits of this Dutch waffle.

The nutritional value of stroopwafels
Stroopwafels are quite rich in sugar. 100g of waffles contains 67g of carbohydrates. In terms of nutrition, they also provide 15g of fat and 5.5g of protein. In this, they are an interesting snack to boost your energy after intense physical effort. Made with wheat flour, they are not suitable for people intolerant to gluten.

Stroopwafels in a balanced diet
Traditionally filled with caramel, stroopwafels are available in different versions. Some manufacturers offer variants with red fruit fodder or salted butter caramel, to suit the demand. Integrated into a balanced diet, these waffles are eaten at breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee, or as an accompaniment to a vanilla ice cream.

Easy recipe of homemade stroopwafels
Preparation of waffles
Mix 500 g flour, 150 g sugar and 7 g yeast in a large salad bowl. You can add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your recipe to perfume.
Soften 125 g butter and mix by hand in the preparation.
Pour gradually 100 ml of water and continue to mix. Then add 2 eggs and knead to a homogeneous dough.
Cover your salad bowl and reserve for 1 hour.
Forage preparation
Put 150 g brown sugar and 125 g diced sweet butter in a saucepan. Melt everything on low heat. Stir to prevent the caramel from sticking to your pan.
Pour 150 g maple syrup. Continue stirring to smooth the sauce.
Collect the seeds of a vanilla bean and add them to your caramel.
For cooking
Form 10 identical balls with the dough. Let stand a few minutes.
Heat wafer plates to cook each dough ball for 40 seconds.
The still warm stroopwafel, cut it in half horizontally, taking care not to break the waffle.
Open the waffle. Pour a spoon of caramel on one side and gently close to spread the cream.
Do this for all pasta balls. Let cool before serving.
As part of a healthy diet, you can afford one or two stroopwafels from time to time without the risk of gaining weight.

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Grape seed oil against cellulite and stretch marks?

It is in their seeds that grapes concentrate most of their lipids. And once extracted, they form a liquid with various benefits: grape seed oil. In search of a vegetable oil to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, you plan to get some? Why not ! Grape seed oil has indeed draining and nourishing virtues rather interesting.

Our opinion on this natural treasure.

Grape seed oil, what virtues for the skin?
Very deep skin tears, stretch marks are extremely difficult to erase. The best option for not suffering, it is indeed to prevent them. And for that, no secret: you have to feed your skin …

Very Emollient, the grape seed oil will make an excellent ally in pregnancy, to protect your stomach, your breasts or buttocks of the appearance of unsightly welts.

But this natural remedy will also allow you to fight against cellulite, because of its natural scrubbing virtues. Associated with very regular massages, grape seed oil will also revive the lazy circulation, a factor of cellulite and water retention.

How to use grape seed oil on the skin?
To take advantage of the properties of grape seed oil in cutaneous application, nothing more simple:

Buy a large bottle of organic vegetable oil.
Apply several drops morning and evening on the areas to be treated.
In case of cellulite, do not hesitate to practice a meticulous palpate-rolling: the massage is as important as the oil itself!
If you are not pregnant, you can also add some essential oil to your vegetable oil in order to strengthen the effects against cellulite, the Atlas cedar he has formidable effects!
Grape seed oil is good for your health! !
Used in cooking, grape seed oil is an excellent cooking fat. Its great advantage: a high smoke point, which neither olive oil nor butter possesses …

In addition, highly concentrated in antioxidants, the grape seed oil has real assets Nutrition: despite its composition a little too rich in omega-6, and it would help protect our health, preventing heart disease and certain cancers …

Featuring cosmetic properties but also diet, the grape seed oil does have talent, not just when it comes to smooth and unify the epidermis …

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